Busier Than Me
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
By Ann-Marie Hensley Photography
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I saw this sign as I passed the window of a local gym today and was immediately drawn to it. I had to stop myself from running inside and demanding to meet the person that was busier than me. Instead I stood outside wondering if this person ever wakes up at 5 am to make breakfast, lunch, and pet meals. I wondered if he had ever prepared his child a ziploc of dog food while making the dog a gourmet turkey sandwich. I wondered if he had recited quadratic equations out loud in the school drop off lane while replacing dog kibble with a bag of smart food popcorn. I wondered if he had ever opened his computer bag to grab his power cord only to find out that what he was actually holding in his hand was a pair of black volleyball socks.  I wondered if he was ever ready for lunch at 8 am. That's when I decided not to go into the gym to meet this physically fit individual after all. He deserved an award or a prize of some kind, and the only thing that I had to offer him was a snack sized bag of dog food and a pair of dirty socks.

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