Tacky Day
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Friday, October 05, 2012
By Ann-Marie Hensley
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{iPhone shot - a reminder that the best camera is the one you have with you}

Tacky Day ... t
he process goes something like this ...

try on outfit. take off outfit and try on another outfit. yell. try on a completely new outfit. request funny hairdo that takes mom too long with her brush. walk out the door. freak out and run back inside to change outfits. cry. put on new outfit. get into the car. sit quietly. sink down in seat and peer out the window. ask mom in a tiny voice if she is sure today really is tacky day. sink down lower into seat as mom pulls into carpool lane. peer out window to see if there really is anyone else dressed tacky. spot another tacky student. sit up a little taller. see more tacky students. smile and unbuckle seatbelt before car even has a chance to stop. jump out of car and ignore mom as everyone is gushing over your tacky outfit. mom drives to Starbucks and realizes that in all the madness she forgot to brush her hair and secretly hopes today is tacky day at Starbucks too.

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